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Written by Nelson   

Here's what people are saying about Supreme Team Boxing:

I just want to say thank you to Coach Nelson, for helping me loose 90 pounds through his extreme boxing workouts. 4 years ago i was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was put on insulin and was told that if i did not lose weight i would die at an early age. I tried everything to lose weight from dietary supplements to every type of diet you can imagine, nothing worked. I met Coach Nelson two years ago and started his workouts. Im not going to lie, the workouts were hard at first, but it paid off big time. I went from weighing 260 lbs. to now weighing 170 lbs. Now my Doctor tells me i don't even have to take any medication for my Diabetes, and that my sugar levels are excellent. I must say the workouts are intense, not only does he teach you how to build confidence, and endurance, but also at the end of the day feeling great about yourself. so if you want to lose weight and learn how to box at the same time join Coach Nelson and the Supreme Team.

-Charlie Ramos

As a nurse working 12 hour night shifts I struggled to find time to work out and i had no energy. I was out of shape, exhausted and looking for a solution. I found Coach Nelson through his website and am so thankful for what working out with him has done for me. He was able to come to my home at a time that was convenient for me. After the very first workout I felt great. I saw fast results. Working out with him has not only gotten me in shape, but has given me more energy, so now I am more awake and productive at work. Without his ability to come to me, and the flexible hours I would have never been able to experience these outcomes! I would recommend Coach Nelson to anyone, age, shape or size. You will feel great and realize your potential after just a few sessions! 

-Stephanie Frey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Training with the BEST! I've trained with Coach Nelson for over 8 years off and on. By far the source of the transformation of my body and mind. He has trained and supported me in getting into the best physical condition of my life. When we first met I had a 36" waist and could hardly scratch my own back. Today at the age of 44 I have a 31" waist and in really great shape if I say so myself! Not to mention, pretty good with my hands! So if you are looking to get in really fit condition as well as learn how the pros get into great shape....call Coach Nelson!

-Al Rivera

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