About The Team

Supreme Team Boxing is the place to go if you’re interested in learning Boxing and Kickboxing from a professionally trained staff that is committed to your success.

Our staff of professional Boxing and fitness trainers are passionate about helping you achieve all of your goals, whether that means getting into fantastic shape or mastering the skills you need to protect yourself. It isn't all serious! We have alot of fun! Classes are exciting as well as benefit driven. Our classes and One on One training sessions are Beginners and all levels. We teach Pro-Style Boxing and Kickboxing and incorporate calisthenics to give you a high energy workout that burns tons of calories and teaches you real self defense that works!

Supreme Team was started in the mid- 80’s by Milton LaCroix, where they dominated the Golden Glove’s. For example, in 1996, Milton’s “Supreme Team” placed seven fighters in the Golden Glove’s finals at Madison Square Garden, and five of them came out victorious. Milton continues with his fighters (Supreme Team) dominating Miami Florida.The Supreme Team fostered many fighters such as Stella Nijhof, a four time National Champion. Dave Marrero and two time world heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs and more. Nelson is a long time team member, and now coach of Supreme Team Boxing in New York for many years. He continues with the unconventional style, the “stir the pot” hook that shocked many in the boxing industry. Come train with Celebrity Trainer Coach Nelson! Trainer of Angela Simmons, and many more! He also has trained professional fighters such as Heavyweight World Champion Shannon Briggs, WKA Kickboxing World Champion Sebastian Stallinger & Many More! 



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